About Fantavision

What we do

We are a creative production company that produces films, music videos, animations since 1999 base on Los Angels, CA USA.

We are working with major Hollywood studios Paramount, Fox, Dream Works, Lionsgate and independent film studios at oversea Australia, China, India and South Korea.


The name Fantavision is a combination of fantastic and visionary.

Since 1999, we have created 2D/3D animations, feature film effects, TV series, music video and commercials. We are a company of creative producers, supervisors, animators and designers using cutting edge techniques along with traditional and contemporary artistry to produce contents for today.

About Founder & President

Jae W. Chang is Korean American designer, producer and entrepreneur has been working in the art, design, game, animation, film and visual effects field since 1996.

He produced and directed children’s original titles including “Let’s sing with ToonBo series” which are one of the most popular preschooler's edutainment animation contents in online.

Movie Director James Cameron